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The Jai Sai Engineering was established in the year 2007 with an objective to provide quality works and services in Govt. sector/ private sector/public sector undertaking. The Company provides ‘One-Stop Solution Provider’ to meet the expectations and deliverables of the clients. It can provide works and services anywhere in the country.Comprehensive installation services, including reticulation of high voltage underground systems, HV, LV, control and instrumentation cabling, cable ladder, electrical equipment, instrumentation, lighting and small power, earthing, lightning protection, full installation, verification, testing and pre-commissioning and load commissioning assistance.


Provide unique Solutions and Techniques to ensure the successful delivery of renewable and sustainable energy projects promptly. Deliver a value for our clients with creative, experienced and highly skilled Engineering team in the design, installation, operation and maintenance of high quality sustainable Energy Solution. Produce Solar Photovoltaic power plant in various application such as residential, industrial, Commercial and agriculture. ESolar offers tailored solution according to the client best interest and needs.

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